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About Mountbatten Brailler

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Mountbatten Braille Whisperer

braille miracle under your fingers

Your Whisperer:

Mountbatten Whisperer with an iPad

  • Quiet
  • Long lasting battery
  • Light touch keyboard
  • Speech output
  • PC/Mac connectivity via USB
  • iOS/Android connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Direct QWERTY keyboard input
  • MB-Comm/MBMimic apps
  • Carry Case included

New Mountbatten Carry Case. More photos in the Gallery

Research data confirm the power of the Mountbatten Brailler?

gallery of Mountbatteninstructional videos

The Mountbatten Brailler is the complete Braille learning centre for children and their teachers. As a professional resource, the Mountbatten Brailler offers exceptional connectivity and software to support flexible teaching and educational needs.

The Mountbatten is a simple tool that can be used to develop awareness of Braille symbols and characters. The clear audio response reinforces learning and tells the student which commands are being entered.

The Mountbatten is the first and only Bluetooth® Smart hard-copy Braille device that communicates wirelessly with iOS Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices. 

Bluetooth® Smart Mountbatten Models: Writer Plus, Pro, LS

Mountbatten and Bluetooth Smart Ready iOS
devices: iPad Mini, iPad 3rd and 4th generation,
iPhone 4s or newer

With the Mountbatten Bluetooth Expansion Module you can convert your regular Mountbatten (Writer Plus, Pro, LS) into a Bluetooth Smart device. Just install it at the back of your unit, upgrade the firmware (see your dealer for details) and you're good to go. Thanks to its shape you can still set your Mountbatten upright for easier storage. Nothing is sticking out, the Module becomes an integral part of your machine.

Mountbatten Braille Writer Learning System

Literacy Skills are basic to all learning, and learning is fundamental to every child's success. The MB Learning System has been designed for children who need Braille. It is a fun and inclusive introduction to Braille literacy and provides a solid foundation for a life-time of learning. It is suitable for the very first stages of Braille instruction through to high school and beyond. With its exceptional flexibility and range of functions, the MB Learning System is a solution for meeting ever changing educational and teaching goals. It contains tools that are simply not offered by more traditional devices.

Reinforces recognition of Braille characters - utilising speech output to enable and promote experiential learning.

Allows pre-Braille activities and play for young children long before they are physically able to use traditional mechanical Braille writers.

Develops technology and Braille as Life Skills - concepts of using files and editing documents are introduced at a basic level, all in the context of learning Braille.

Introduces organisational concepts such as planning and time management - using the built-in clock and diary functions. Removes attitudinal barriers by taking the "mystery" out of Braille - sighted teachers, peers and family can connect a regular PC keyboard and write in Braille.

Assists with inclusion and participation - the student's work is displayed on the Mimic screen.

Literacy through Braille opens up the world of communication and expression - essential for living successfully. Braille fulfils needs that cannot be addressed by verbal and audio methods. The MB Learning System is the ideal platform for launching children into the world of Braille literacy.


Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 45 cm (4.5" x 9.44" x 17.7")
Weight: 4.7 kg (10.3 lbs)
Connections: serial x 2, parallel, Bluetooth Smart, USB, PS/2
Supported software: PC (MB-Comm, Duxbury, EasyConverter 6.02); iOS (MBMimic)
Paper: Standard photocopy paper recommended (80 gsm or 20 lbs), can also emboss regular braille paper
Languages: Available in a range of languages and braille codes: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Sinhala.

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